No guts, no glory

If you look up the definition of this common saying, you’ll see it means you need to take risks in order to achieve your goal. If you think about it, everything we do, involves some amount of risk. Even getting up in the morning–if you’re not careful you could get your leg caught in the covers and fall.

Writing this blog, and keeping it going involves the risk that you may not read it, or worse, yet, that you may totally hate it and tell me so, in the comments! 🙂

I am a major goal maker. I make goals all the time. I write them down, and often even write the next action step (a trick I learned from David Allen’s program, Getting Things Done). But, do I have the guts to get through them all to get to the glory? I don’t know. Now that we are decluttering (and will be for months), I can really see how much we have accumulated, and how many projects are still not done.

As I find each of these projects, I am putting them back on my to do list, but is that the “gutsy” thing to do? Or, would I get the glory simply by donating them, making room in my home, and room in my life for more important things.

I wonder if that’s also my problem with losing weight. It takes a lot of guts and willpower to stay focused on the end goal and not eat a brownie, or piece of cake, or even have a bowl of ice cream for someone’s birthday. I think glory is eluding me because I don’t leave the desire to be persistent and persevere, being stoic with my willpower , standing firm in my fight against carbs. Will it even help? I am but one person. One person who must fight against a plethora of carbs coming at me from all sides–work, home, and even the grocery store.

So, how does one get the glory if he or she doesn’t have the guts to do it on their own?

  • Get a support group
  • Make it a Family Challenge
  • Find someone to compete against
  • Work on it for 20 minutes, then take a 5 minute break

If you try to do the same thing everyday at the same time, your brain gets used to working on it at that time, and you become more productive. I don’t know why, I just know it works.

So tell me, do you have enough guts to get to the glory? If not, tell me what you don’t have the guts to do, or to complete. If yes, tell us how you have shown you have guts and when you got the glory?


Valentine’s Day Romance

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas cost very little, since they come from the heart. Making someone feel loved and appreciated can come in many forms, on any day of the year. So what can a pennywise couple do to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank? Here are some of our ideas:

After 25 years of marriage,  we have learned that romance can come in all forms, from the traditional candlelit dinner to a massage, a bubble bath, or gifts of appreciation.

A gift of time is my favorite gift. Whether my time was freed up when my husband did chores for me (without being asked), or he did something thoughtful that came from his heart. In the past, he has taken my birthday off to clean the house, so when I come home everything was already done. On other occasions, he has made me breakfast in bed, given me a couple of hours to do my crochet while he watched the kids, and photographed a re-enacted a part of “our song”. A gift of time, in whatever form, is an incredible gift that I always appreciate.

Another year, he gave me a love letter he wrote himself instead of buying an expensive card.  A card you created, (look on Pinterest for ideas), a love letter you wrote expressing your love and appreciation for your spouse, a poem you wrote, or even a card from your local dollar store will work if it expresses your heartfelt love.

Buy a Journal at the dollar store, office supply store, or create your own with a composition notebook, some scrapbook paper, and glue.  Write a love note for your spouse and ask him or her to write one back.  Write notes to each other all year long.  My husband and I did this one year, and every time I saw the journal on my pillow, I knew another note of appreciation or love was there — written expression of your love will help him or her to feel blessed and loved again and again.

Make breakfast in bed, or bring your spouse a cup of coffee or tea. There is something special about not having to get out of bed to enjoy your first cup of coffee.

Make your own Chocolate Covered Strawberries with dipping chocolate and a pound of strawberries.  There are many YouTube videos that will show you how. You can do this ahead of your celebration, so they are ready, or make a fondue and dip strawberries, marshmallows, and pound cake together. Just be sure to kiss each other every time you lose an item off your fondue fork!

Buy a coffee cup  with a nice sentiment on it and fill it with Hershey Kisses, Miniature Chocolates, Jelly Beans, or whatever small candy your spouse loves — you can even wrap it in the special cellophane that florists use, if you desire.  Buy the cellophane at your local craft store, and tie the cellophane at the top with a ribbon.

Buy a photo album at your local dollar store and fill it with nostalgic pictures. You and your spouse can spend time going through the pictures together, remembering the special times you have shared.

I found some other inexpensive gift ideas at, some of my favorites are:

Make your own Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt. Write clues and hide them all over the house for your Valentine to find! At each station, put a gift you bought from the dollar store, or something you made yourself — a stuffed animal, a candy bar, a Valentine card, etc (

If possible, arrange for a babysitter, who isn’t at your house, grab some microwave popcorn, and a movie from your local library, a thrift store, or your local “Redbox” and enjoy some special time together ( There are couples out there who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day–my husband and I are one of them. We prefer to show our love and appreciation on alternate days. On Valentine’s Day, we stay home with the kids, eat pizza and watch movies. Perhaps a couple you know does the same, or maybe you could trade nights babysitting each other’s kids if you want to go out, so you could save the cost of babysitting.

On that note, if you really want to go out, and can’t afford either the time, or the cost of dinner, go out for a Valentine’s breakfast, or lunch, and then spend the evening with the kids watching a family movie.

Place a love note somewhere your significant other will find it –in their briefcase, on the bathroom mirror, in a pot — anywhere (

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the best Valentine’s Days come from the heart. Making someone feel loved and appreciated can come in many forms, on any day of the year. Here are some of our ideas.

Use bamboo skewers and strawberries to create a “bouquet” of roses that you can eat!  Couple this gift with a pot of chocolate fondue, whipped cream or some melted chocolate and enjoy! (

What are some of your best pennywise ideas? Please comment below.

The Cost of New Year Resolutions

Every year, more than 80% of the New Years Resolutions made fail by the middle of February.  This article will discuss the most common New Years resolutions along with the costs involved.

  1. Sleep More:  Many people believe that if they buy a new pillow, or a new mattress, they will get more sleep.  New pillow and sheet sets can set you back $30-$150, while a new mattress can cost around $500 or more.  Alternatively, eliminating naps, and cutting back on caffeine is relatively free (except for the cost of falling asleep at your desk, and the headaches you might get from the lack of caffeine), while the cost of a bottle of Melatonin is around $10.
  2. Quit Smoking: This resolution is a hard one to calculate.  While the cost of smoking is around $5 or $6 per pack, there is also the cost of one’s health (the potential lung or mouth cancer); the cough that may develop, etc.  Depending on the strength of your addiction, the Nicotine patches and gum (up to $80 per month), and potential doctor’s office visits also create quite a cost (Quinn, 2016). Quitting smoking using cessation methods, though costly, is a temporary cost.  Once you have finally kicked the habit, you won’t be spending money on cigarettes, vape items, or cessation materials.
  3. Gym Memberships and Weight Loss Programs:  Losing weight and getting into shape are two of the most common New Years resolutions, but have you ever thought about the cost? Most gym memberships cost between $55 and $60 per month, and when you factor in the fact that only a fraction of members continue coming week after week, month after month, and that “67% of those who sign up for gym memberships don’t actually use them”, that gym membership is incredibly expensive! The cost of Weight Watchers (a monthly membership cost), and Jenny Craig (a monthly meal subscription) and Nutrisystem could cost you several thousands of dollars per year! All cities have parks where you can throw a frisbee, or play basketball with your friends (or children).  Some parks have tennis courts, skateboard parks, and outdoor gyms with stationary bicycles, leg presses, rowing machines and more (, 2019).  Eating healthy fruits and vegetables and exercising on your own if you have the motivation, determination, and ability, will save you doctor visits, gym membership costs, and weight loss program fees. In many stores, the outside perimeter of the store contains the healthiest, most nutrient-dense foods (Shapefit, 2018).


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